Subscriptions FAQ

The freshest coffee possible, delivered on your terms.

Running out of coffee is brutal. We do not wish it upon anyone. That's why our mission, (well, one of them) is to prevent that by all means necessary. We offer a subscription service designed with you, and only you, in mind. Not sure how often to order, reference the table below for a better idea. See, we only want to help keep you caffeinated! 
Our recommendation, order a few bags at a time, set your delivery dates, never worry about ordering coffee again, we will worry for you. 

The benefits of subscribing in a nutshell:

  • Get up to 50% of your first order with code: sub50.
  • Up to 50% off your Shipping on 2 or more items.
  • Up to 10% (from 5% to 10%) off on premium products.
  • Roasted Fresh to order.
  • Skip, pause, swap or cancel anytime.
If 1 Cup = 10oz or 300ml
Subscription Frequency
A few cups a week
2 bags every 4 weeks
1-2 cups a day
2 bags every 3 weeks
3-4 cups a day
2 bags every 2 weeks
5+ cups a day
2 bags every week


Not sure what Single Origin Coffee or House Blends Coffee means for you? 

Single Origin coffees are fruit forward, zesty and sweet! Perfect for the coffee drinkers who like to experience the vibrant and unique tasting notes that each region and growing season produce. These coffees are an excellent way to expand your taste buds! Our House Blends are composed of multiple regions, creating a balanced and smooth cup. These coffees are perfect for the coffee drinkers who rely on a rich and decadent cup each morning.

Unsure of your desired delivery frequency for your recurring subscription? 

Check out our Frequency Guide above! You can select how many times in a month you would like to receive a delivery. Every week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks or 4 weeks.

How much is a recurring subscription? 

We offer multiple types of subscriptions. You can do single bags, two or three bags, whatever you want. This is all about you. We're just here to help.

Ordering Multiple Subscriptions?

Subscriptions for multiple recipients must be ordered individually. This allows us and you to manage your subscription easily and efficiently.

Need to make a change to your subscription? 

Changes to subscriptions must be applied prior to a billing date. Orders that are confirmed are not eligible for exchange, cancellation or refund. 

Questions regarding your subscription?

We’re here to help! Send us an email at and include your name and order number, or just drop us an email if you need any information prior to ordering.
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