Off Hours Coffee Project

the common denominator is always coffee.

A project where purpose meets product.

We love coffee. More importantly, our friends love coffee, and they all do cool things. We’re connecting the dots and utilizing relationships in order to build a product that we trust and believe in. Everything that we do is to create a family around one common denominator - coffee.

This is not a brand. This is not a company. This is a project, built upon good people and the relationships that can formulate between them. People evolve, and the project evolves along with them.

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Limited Release: Hacienda Sonora

In partnership with farmers Alberto and Diego Guardia of Hacienda Sonora. Located in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, the micro mill specializes in unique methods of processing coffee, resulting in distinct and exotic flavors. Ww are confident you'll enjoy this complex, clean-bodied cup of coffee with rich notes of brown sugar, dried fruit, and fresh cocoa bean.

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Parabola- Dark Roast

Parabola is our "go-to" dark roast. We blend coffees from three continents and roast dark to bring out rich and bold flavors for the strong coffee lover. This blend is amazing for the "I only drink my coffee black" drinker or those who enjoy dressing it up with milk and sugar. Either way, this will quickly become a staple in your daily routine

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doing the right thing


Our coffee is sourced from growers in different regions around the world. We purchase using fixed farm-gate pricing, ensuring sustainable business and profit for producers year after year.

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DaybreakParabola BlendBrazilEthiopiaHacienda Sonora


it's just beans and water.

Whether you're a coffee aficionado or just beginning to explore craft coffee. We have carefully curated an offering to satisfy everyone's tastebuds. A quality selection of both Blends and Single Origins.

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Freshly roasted, just for you.

We roast-to-order three days a week. We take pride in providing you the freshest coffee possible. Our coffee is roasted manually to draw out the best characteristics and qualities. Constant tasting and fine tuning profiles is a huge part of our roasting department as we are constantly looking for ways to improve.

Veteran Overland

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