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Latest Technology

Superior technology, proven formula, and safety for everyone.

Exclusive Formula

Superior technology, proven formula, and safety for everyone.

No Preservatives

Superior technology, proven formula, and safety for everyone.

A Shop For Good People

By Good People

Our experts have been working hard for many years. The quality of our products is not an easy thing to achieve.

Organic Ingredients

Our juices are made from 100% natural fruits.

No Preservatives

Thoroughly researched, all-natural formula.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. How long does the juice last?
Our juices are fresh raw and unpasteurised.
Our juice carries a 4-day shelf life.
Please keep your juice refrigerated.
02. Our juice difference?

Juice Pext Juice is proud to press and pour our juice by hand.

We select the freshest produce, supporting local farmers and growers, thoroughly wash our produce then press and pour to give you the freshest, flavourful and most nutritious juice possible.

03. What about sugar?
Our juices contain only natural sugars found in fruit and vegetables. Processed juices in the supermarkets are full of refined sugars, and little nutritional content.

The sweetness in fruit is called fructose, a simple sugar found naturally in plant foods.

In a healthy person, our bodies can easily digested fructose and use it as energy, unlike table sugar which is harmful to our bodies.

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The healthy choice every morning. Purify your body and get the vitamins you need to power you through the day.
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