How to make Iced Coffee?

How to make Iced Coffee?

Your cup of Iced Coffee; it is supper easy to make, really!

To put it simply, iced coffee means any way to brew cold coffee that doesn’t involve espresso. Making cold brew, therefore, is making iced coffee. Brewing hot coffee and letting it sit in the fridge is also iced coffee. But for us at Off Hours Coffee, our favorite method of making iced coffee is flash brewing.

Flash brewing (or flash-chilled coffee) is the process of brewing any kind of Off Hours Coffee profile directly onto ice. This simple brewing process cools the coffee, making it both convenient and helping the coffee taste less stale, which can happen while coffee cools to room temperature. Because ice dilutes coffee, our recipe uses less brewing water to maintain the coffee’s flavor, taste, and caffeine strength as the ice melts. And since you’re not using cold water (which has trouble breaking down some of the roast’s flavor compounds), flash brewing ends up tasting brighter than cold brewing.

Whether you prefer the control of a pour over or the convenience of a drip coffee maker, we at Off Hours Coffee have a recipe for how to make iced coffee that is both delicious and easy.

How to make iced coffee?

As complex as “Japanese flash brew” may sound, it’s actually a pretty simple process for at-home brewing. Here’s how to make it:

  • Pour Over brewer
  • Grinder
  • Kettle
  • Scale
  • Filter
  • Ice

Iced Coffee - Instructions

  1. Measure out coffee and water. Water-to-coffee ratios vary depending on preference, but aim for about a 12:1 ratio, with about one-third of the water measurement accounted for as ice. Measure out the ice last by putting it in a cup (also accounting for the weight of the cup).
  2. Grind the coffee in a fine setting, to taste.
  3. Wet the coffee filter. Place cubes of ice into the receptacle, then dump the grounds into the filter.
  4. Heat the water to approximately 195 to 203 degrees Fahrenheit. Let sit for 30 seconds before beginning to pour – slow at first, before leveling off at a steady speed, sure to cover all of the grounds.
  5. After pouring for about three minutes, ice should be completely melted and blended into coffee. Pour the coffee over your desired amount of ice and enjoy!
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